Tubular Fabrication, LLC is job shop that focuses on Tube Bending and Fabrication.  We specialize in almost any of the tubes found in automobiles including structural chassis tubes, stainless exhaust systems, and also aluminum or stainless powertrain plumbing.  Automotive applications make up about 50% of the work at Tubular Fabrication with industrial tube bending and fabrication, specially prototype work, making up the other 50%.  Our services are valuable in any field that requires tubular fabrication from furniture components to handrails, etc.  We are particularly adept at coming up with a production and cost friendly way to manufacture the product you need.

The Founder of Tubular Fabrication, LLC has 15 years experience as an automotive engineer working primarily with structural chassis design and powertrain plumbing solutions.  At both of his previous employers he had to come up with creative and cost effective ways to fit off-the-shelf parts into unique custom vehicles.  At both companies he worked closely with tube bending shops to develop the most cost effective yet fully functional part to get the job done.  He’s covered all aspects of part design including the initial 3D computer modeling, personally fabricating the prototypes, designing and building the production fixtures, working with the vendor to minimize cost, and even training the production line personnel in proper assembly techniques.  He is also currently a welding instructor at a local technical college, and carries an American Welding Society credential of Certified Welding Inspector.